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The most important aspects of property rental is finding good tenants. That’s why tenant screening is a critical part of property management services. At Suburbia Property Management, we perform a comprehensive tenant screening so that you know you’re getting the best tenants possible.

Our tenant screening includes:

  • Full Credit Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Resident History
  • Employment and Income Verification
  • Reference Checks
  • Previous Landlord Verification
  • Owner tenant selection

The fee for our Screen Only Plan is $29/month per unit and is paid by the owner until the rental unit is leased. We will provide a lawn sign with property’s info and instructions telling tenants how to apply. Prospective Tenants will still pay the Background Check and Application Processing fees as needed. 

Let Suburbia Property Management screen your tenants on your behalf. Our system proven results will help you find the right candidates for your Rental Property.”To view our Tenant Qualifications and Requirements, click here” 

Each resident 18 years of age or older must submit a separate rental application, even if they are not employed or have no credit history. All applicants must meet all of the following rental history, credit, criminal background and income requirements, to qualify on their own. If an applicant does not meet these criteria, a Co-Signer may be allowed as described below.

Rental History:

Each applicant must provide 12 months of residential history, including landlord contact information. 

Applicants with negative rental history, evictions, judgments, and/or foreclosures will be denied without the option for a Co-Signer.


Each applicant must have a minimum FICO score of 680. If the FICO score is below 680, then a Co-Signer may be allowed.

Criminal Background:

Each applicant must agree to a background and criminal history screening. 

Applicants who have been convicted with a serious criminal offense, such as domestic violence, assault, possesion of illegal firearms or narcotics, fraud, roberry, theft, burglary, breaking and entering, will be denied without the option for a Co-Signer.


Each applicant must show their income individually to be at least 3X the monthly rent. If income is generated from employment, then applicant must be employed for at least 3 months (subject to employment verification). Only the following forms of employment income verification are acceptable:

  • 2 most recent paystubs 
  • 2 most recent tax returns
  • 2 recent personal bank statements.

Note: The name on the bank statements must match the name on the rental application.

If the income criteria is not satisfied, then a Co-Signer may be allowed (on approved credit).


A Co-Signer will only be allowed if the applicant has satisfied the rental history criteria. A Co-Signer must meet BOTH of the following credit and income criteria.

Co-Signer Credit: A Co-Signer must have minimum FICO score of 720.
Co-Signer Income: A Co-Signer must show their income to be at least 5X the monthly rent. If income is generated from employment, then Co-Signer must be employed for at least 3 months (subject to employment verification). If the rented premises will be the permanent residence of the Co-Signer, then Co-Signer may satisfy the income requirement with the standard tenant income requirement

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