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Vendor Management

We can manage your vendors and/or Contractors on your behalf. Typical property maintenance and repairs will be managed by Suburbia Property Management at no extra cost to owner, above and beyond the standard monthly full service property management fee, and the direct cost from the vendor performing the labor. However, medium to large scale jobs (to be determined), that would typically call for the use of a contractor such as:

  • the property needs a lot of work inside or out
  • a full or partial kitchen, bath, property wide remodel
  • or a large scale and/or multi-room repair issue may incur additional contractor fees

During such times, the owner may contract the work to be performed on his own, may hire Suburbia Property Management to contract the job, or hire a third party contractor/company. All scenarios are completely owner determined – which ever you feel comfortable with

Should you hire SUBURBIA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT to manage all the work and schedule all the subcontractors. We charge a flat 15%-25% of the total cost of the job for this service. NOTE: We are not contractors.

Need help with your vendors or contractors?”

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