Rental Application


Thank you for your interest in one of our Rental Properties. You may apply for our available properties using the 4 step process application below.

Please Note: Not all properties are available. You must first confirm availability by contacting us prior to submitting an application. We will not refund any application fees, no exceptions, you’ve been warned! You will be required to upload copies of your I.D. or Driver’s License and Social Security, so please have them available to avoid having delays. Acceptable formats include jpg or pdf. Your progress will not be saved and any information on an incomplete application will be deleted upon exiting.

This application bears a fee of $38.00 plus an $7.00 processing fee, both payable upon completion, through our payment gateway. Only complete applications will be processed once payment is received.

This section to be completed by applicant. A separate application to rent is required for each Co-Tenant 18 years of age or over, or an emancipated minor.

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    Choose the location

    That Option is not available at this time. Unit may be occupied. Please try back later.

    PLEASE NOTE: A Business Occupancy Permit is required by the City of San Fernando for this unit at Lease signing. Please visit the local City Hall for more information.

    You will be required to submit a copy of your Liability Insurance Policy upon occupancy. Please call us for details.

    STOP! PLEASE READ! Only Businesses occupying space for an office environment or similar should apply. If in doubt, please call us at (818) 898-0000 to confirm. Thank you!

    Tenant Information

    For purpose of obtaining credit reports. Age discrimination is prohibited by law.

    Contact Information

    Please enter the Color, Year, Make and Model of your vehicle.

    Other Information

    Background Information

    Lease History

    For non-residential lease, please use the current business address

    Employment Status

    1. Please upload copies of 2 current bank statements.

    Upload 2 years of most recent copies of form 1040.

    Upload copies of 2 most recent paystubs or W-2s.


This is an application to rent or lease one of our Rentals. Please contact us if you are unclear about any part or section on this application before submitting an application.

Application Terms and Conditions

Applicant(s) hereby acknowledge(s) payment of non refundable $45.00 as an application fee to cover the cost of a credit report and processing the applicant’s Application to Rent. APPLICATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.
All rental units are non smoking, therefore smoking is prohibited anywhere on the Property.
Tenant(s) understand that they must carry their own renter’s insurance policy for their personal property.
The amount of rent and security deposit is subject to change depending on the content of the application and the outcome of the application review.
Applicant(s) represent(s) that statements made in the application are true and correct and hereby authorize(s) verification of references to include, but are not limited to credit checks, unlawful detainer checks or criminal checks.
Applicant(s) agree(s) to furnish a photocopy of valid photo ID or other form of official, lawful photo identification, issued by a governmental agency.
Applicant(s) authorizes Suburbia Property Management or leasing agent to pull credit, verify employment, and contact references.

Taxes – Tax Returns for past 2 years. Submit IRS Tax Form 1040 and schedule C
For Self Employed – Copy of 2 full recent months bank statements (every page).
For Employed (full/part-time) – Proof of Income: Two most recent pay stubs and/or tax return and/or W2 Form.

Applicants must show net income 3 times monthly rent in order to qualify for rental. For example: $3,000 monthly net income would be sufficient for $1,000 per month rental.